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  • How Do You Choose a Brokerage?

    The Relationship between an Agent & Broker/Owner should be like that of an Employer (Agent) and Employee (Broker) NOT the other way around.

     When an Agent decides to hire a Brokerage, they have a pre-determined set of questions – a set criteria – they will use to judge the Brokers they interview
    •  They know in advance what they are looking for
    •  They use reason and logic
    •  They want to hire somebody to do a very important job for them


    Make an informed decision

    You need to know in advance:

    • The kind of Broker you want
    • The important questions to ask
    • The things that are most important to you 

    The 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Brokerage

    • Choosing the Broker who promises the highest commission split even if the split seems to be unrealistic.
    • Choosing the Broker who promises to save you money by paying for signs, cards or marketing.
    • Choosing the “nicest” Broker.
    •  Choosing an Broker who works all by themselves, because you think they will provide you more personal attention and an over abundant of “qualified Leads.”
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